National Violent Offender

Domestic violence help

Help if you have been abused.

You need to get yourself and your kids out of harms way. If you experience a violent incident contact the police dial 999. Tell the operator where you are right away, before giving details of the incident. This helps them get help out to you asap. The police service are skilled and knowledgeable in dealing with incidents such as domestic violence. They may arrest your partner, and take you and your children somewhere safe. They can give you help and advice about safe and temporary housing.
If you want to get help after the incident, you can still ring the police, but use the local number which can be found in the phone book. Ask to speak to a community safety officer who can then advise you of your options.
If you decide to move out of your home while your decide what course of action to take, you will not loose right to your house.

If you have been abused in the past, or you think you are going to be abused, you may be able to make a planned escape and leave with money, clothes and other things you will need. The things you should take on a planned escape are:

A change of clothes

Toiletries deodorants etc

Don't forget you passports

Any Benefit books

National Insurance Card

Any savings books/ cheques etc

You bank details and cards

Health records of you and any children

Some forms of ID . letters, bills and driving licence with your home address
If it.s really dangerous for you to stay, it may be best just to grab essentials.

domestic violence and children
You don.t loose your rights to your children by leaving them. However, it is imperative you see a solicitor asap, if you leave it for too long, could mean a court could rule that moving may upset them and cause them further emotional pain.

I was injured during the abuse, shat should I do?
Any injury should be treated right away, so make sure you go to a hospital or your GP. Make sure you tell them how it occurred, and tell them to make a note on your files. These records may be used as evidence if things go to court. If your injuries are visible, like black eyes, cuts, bruises, you can photograph them. If you don.t have a camera, ask to use the camera on a friend.s phone.

Money, what should I do?
If you are planning to escape it.s a good idea to save some money. If you have a joint account, it might be a good idea to set up a personal account in order for you to have your own separate money.

Finding a place to live in a hurry
If you are not able to stay with friends or family for whatever reason, you can contact the local housing authority to see if they can find you somewhere to stay. You can find their number in the phone book under the council. A lot of areas have women`s refuges offering impermanent housing for women and their children. The staff of these establishments are usually able to offer help and advice as to the next steps you can take. You will not be able to find any refuges numbers in the phone book, so you will you will need to contact the National Domestic Violence Helpline . see .Further help..

Retrieving your possessions from home
Contact the police to help you do this. They will generally arrange for someone to escort you. If for some reason the police are not able to help, then you can apply for a court order, to force your partner to let you collect your things.

Alcohol and domestic violence
If abuse is linked to alcohol or drugs then there are a number of organizations which can help. For example, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) can help, and Al Anon can help families that consume too much alcohol. There may be some in your local area. To find these ask your GP.


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