National Violent Offender

Domestic violence policy

The police may arrest your partner if they believe they have reason to do so and they may hold them for a limited period of time (usually over night).
They will investigate the issue to find out if a crime has been committed. It is likely you will need to help the police with their investigation.

Ultimately it is the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) who will decide whether or not your partner should be taken to court. During this process you should not feel you have to put a complaint against your partner; this should remain your choice. However, dropping a complaint you have against your partner may lead to the police asking you about your decision. The CPS has the right to prosecute your partner if there is enough evidence.
In very serious cases of violence or abuse, your partner could be sent to jail.
If your partner is on bail, the police or court may stop them from visiting your home or your place of work, and from contacting your children.
Social Service worker may get involved if your children have been abused.
In the event of your partner being prosecuted for assault, the court will not decide on who has the right to live at your home. You will need to get an injunction to do this from the Civil Court.


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