National Violent Offender



Prosecutor Brochure for DV OP - FOR PROFESSIONALS

A Prosecutor's Guide to Full Faith and Credit for Protection Orders Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence

Survivor Brochure

A Survivor's Guide to Full Faith and Credit for Protection Orders Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence

National Women's Health Information Center

A service of the Office on Women's Health (OWH) in the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

The OWH was established in 1991 within the US Department of Health and Human Services. OWH coordinates the efforts of all the HHS agencies and office involved in women's health.

You Are Not Crazy - Listen to What Verbal Abuse Really Sounds Like

Listen to an abusive episode caught on tape. Verbal abuse is ALWAYS a prelude to violence. Can you recognize verbal/emotional abuse in action? You may find out you'e not crazy,you're being abused.

Alexis Moore

Excellent commentary on domestic abuse, cyberstalking and stalking...

Surviors In Action

Survivors In Action is a national non-profit crime victims organization founded on the principle that one person truly can make a difference! SIA conducts national educational training seminars for victims, the public and the private sector on a wide variety of subjects. SIA's mission is to help educate victim service providers and the public from the victim's point of view while serving victims, their family members and friends with integrity across the nation./p>

The Vessel of Honour

Vessel of Honour Inc. NFP (VOH) is a 501c3 non profit organization established to empower, educate, and prepare adult and young adult women of color who have survived childhood sexual abuse.

After The Trauma

Executive Director, Milred Muhammad, The DC Sniper's Wife, 501c3 non profit organization, After The Trauma, Inc., has been established because there are not enough resources or information available for Survivors of domestic violence. OUR focus is on the SURVIVOR and HER CHILDREN!

My Sisters House

My Sister's House is the first and only non-profit organization to specifically identify and address the unique needs of women and children impacted by domestic violence in the Central Valley's highly diverse Asian and Pacific Islander community.

My Sister's House offers:

  • A 6-bed Safe Haven shelter for women and children;
  • Culturally and linguistically appropriate domestic violence intervention services;
  • Women at Work Program for domestic violence survivors of all backgrounds;
  • New Beginnings women's learning and support group;
  • Community outreach and education; and 24-hour multilingual crisis line


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