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What can I do if family is abusing me?

Domestic violence statistics show a steady increase in volicent crimes at home. Domestic violence facts are hard to come by as victims maybe scared to come forward or trying to build up some kind of domestic violence defense.
This website has been split into sections to help people get the right advice in deaing with the situation and getting domestic violence help.

The most important thing is to make yourself safe. Then you need to take legal steps to avoid it in future. The information below is a guide to both. It will tell you what you can do if partner is physically abusing you and there is a section to help if this person is not your partner.

Could it be my fault?
No matter what, nobody has the right to be violent or abusive towards you. The law will protect you, regardless of who is to blame. Domestic violence and abuse is always wrong, no matter what.

Multiple offenders . what can I do?
It doesn.t matter if you haven't reported the first time. Likewise, it doesn't matter if you have already reported it and already had help; don.t think used up your quota for help. Just ask for help and the law will be there to protect you.

What if I just want to be safe and I don't want legal action?
You don't always need to use legal action, and in many cases it may not be the best option. Using the police may mean that the case can go to court, even if you don.t want it to. This depends on the severity of the crime and the evidence gathered in the case.


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