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National Violent Offender

Domestic Violence, Divorce, And Child Custody Battles

Although our domestic violence defense attorneys in Boulder understand that DV charges are sometimes filed on healthy couples in happy relationships, this is not always the case.

Domestic Violence And Child Abuse

If a child witnessed the event that resulted in your Colorado domestic violence case, chances are that you will also be charged with the separate offense of child abuse. You may also be selected by the Colorado Department of Health and Human Services for inclusion on the Colorado "TRAILS" Child Abuse Registry.

Domestic Violence And Restraining Orders

If you are arrested in Colorado for domestic violence , you will be ordered to have no contact with the person who is named as the victim in your criminal case. This "mandatory restraining order" may also remove you from your home.

Nancy Salomone is a Boulder criminal defense attorney, specializing in the defense of Colorado domestic violence cases.

I became an attorney in order to protect the rights of ordinary citizens accused of crimes. My practice has always been limited to criminal defense because I believe that a criminal accusation is a life-changing event, and that unwavering defense against criminal charges is best accomplished by an attorney whose legal career has been dedicated to criminal defense. I know that a Colorado domestic violence case can have consequences far beyond the courtroom. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I know that a DV accusation can affect everything from your family life, to your permanent record, to your professional security. I believe that a good criminal defense lawyer must start by being a good listener. I help my clients understand Colorado domestic violence law, and help them consider every part of their legal situation in order to define their goals.