Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Arrested for domestic violence

Trooper Kenneth Lance Suggs was arrested on Sunday, Nov. 18 by the Murfreesboro Police Department and is currently on discretionary leave with pay pending a criminal and internal investigation.

According to a police affidavit, police responded to an apartment on 1650 Cason Lane in reference to a domestic violence. When they arrived, they met with a woman who was crying and upset. She told investigators that her ex-boyfriend, Suggs, came over unannounced holding a beer and was drunk. When she let Suggs in, they argued about their break-up. When the woman asked Suggs to leave, Suggs reportedly became irate, called her a derogatory name, retrieved a handgun from his pocket and pointed it at her face. The woman told investigators she covered her face with a pillow and Suggs told her "Don't worry, you'll never see me again" and left the apartment.

UFC Fighter Rachael Ostovich Hospitalized After Alleged Domestic Violence Attack

UFC flyweight Rachael Ostovich was hospitalized yesterday afternoon after suffering a broken orbital bone following an alleged domestic attack by “someone close to her.” TMZ first reported news of the hospitalization, and the Honolulu Police Department confirmed to TMZ this morning that it has opened a felony domestic violence investigation. The identity of the alleged attacker has not been revealed, and no arrests have been made.

I am domestic violence!

I Am Domestic Violence is popular in all regions of the United States. This dynamic program always stimulates more understanding and discussion on the important topic of domestic violence among people of all backgrounds and ages.


Wambui Bahati (a.k.a. John Ann Washington), from the time she was a child, has enjoyed entertaining others. As an adult and a survivor of mental illness and domestic abuse, she has combined the wisdom and strategies that helped her reclaim her health, happiness and peace, with her gifts as a performing artist.

Seeking Help in Domestic Violence

If you’re a victim of domestic violence or if you know someone who is, seeking help is made very easy. If it’s a big decision and a tough decision to leave an abusive relationship, you’ll have everything you need in the way of support, guidance and someone who’ll understand your situation. There are a variety of places and government institutions that provide support against domestic violence and you only have to call them to start on the road towards healing and a life of quality, safety and happiness.

Laws Against Domestic Violence

Each and every individual has the right to a happy and safe life. It doesn’t matter where you live in the world or what state or city your reside in, domestic violence is a serious violation of your rights. If you’re a victim of domestic violence, know that there are a long set of laws that can protect you. They’re all against domestic violence and how you can let the healing begin for yourself and your children.

Support Groups

When you or a loved one is a victim of domestic violence, packing up and leaving the violent relationship isn’t easy. In some cases, you will be trying to hide that violence that occurs in your household. You might be putting makeup on a bruised face or feigning clumsiness for a broken arm. You might also be in denial that this is happening to you. Even in a physical check up, you might be trying to defend your partner from the doctor. This is the main reason why support groups for domestic violence have been created. If it’s not to help you on the path towards healing, it’s to get you to see the truth and have support and a shoulder to lean on when you’ve decided to leave the relationship.

Domestic Violence Information

Trauma can manifest itself in an individual in many different ways. When trauma springs from domestic violence, the victim can suffer a myriad of physical injuries, health problems, and emotional distress. A handful will require medical attention and hospitalization. When it comes to the physical effects that domestic violence has on victims, it can range from minor cuts and bruises to broken bones, sexually transmitted disease and so on. For all this suffering, victims can also suffer from emotional and behavioral effects like denial, emotional withdrawal, anger, fear or apprehension, helplessness, even impulsivity and aggressiveness.

Understanding Online Police Report Databases

  Online police report databases are websites or platforms that provide access to police reports and related information. These databases ...