Tuesday, November 20, 2018

I am domestic violence!

I Am Domestic Violence is popular in all regions of the United States. This dynamic program always stimulates more understanding and discussion on the important topic of domestic violence among people of all backgrounds and ages.

Wambui takes on the powerful persona of Domestic Violence, a character who speaks proudly and arrogantly of destroying lives with little resistance. Through this performance we also meet men, women, and children (portrayed by Wambui) whose lives have been touched by domestic violence.

Wambui Bahati takes Domestic Violence out of the closet! With entertaining dialogue and even some humor, her presentation eases in the 'stats' and the facts. The audience feels the impact of Domestic Violence. In this important and compelling show Domestic Violence is walking and talking amongst the audience!

This seasoned actress takes the audience on an enlightening and emotional roller coaster ride. When the ride is over, the audience is furious with Domestic Violence.
The Presentation After the Play:

Directly following the conclusion of "I Am Domestic Violence", Wambui begins the portion of the presentation where she interacts directly with the audience. This will include a discussion of the characters in the show, Wambui's personal story, and the all-important Q&A. By the end of this presentation participants will:
Understand how far reaching domestic violence is
Understand the behavior patterns of abusers
Understand the behavior patterns of victims of abuse
Know the warning signs for abusive relationships
Know better how to help someone who is in an abusive relationship
Know ways to get help for themselves if they are in an abusive relationship
Understand how important self-esteem is to avoid abusive relationships
Understand the types of abuse
The correlation between abuse and mental illness (depression) and health in general.
Have a better understanding of what part culture plays in domestic violence.

Discussion topics include:
What is Domestic Violence?
Who are the Victims?
Warning Signs of Domestic Violence
Why Victims Stay with Abusers
How to Help Victims of Domestic Abuse and Survivors
Relationships After Abuse
Stopping the Cycle of Abuse
Rebuilding Self-Esteem

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