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National Violent Offender

A domestic violence suspect was shot and killed

A domestic violence suspect was shot and killed after pointing a gun at Portage County Sheriff deputies Sunday evening at a home in Ravenna Township.

Zacchaeus Rashad Gaston has been charged with murder

Authorities are searching for a 27-year-old man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend and wounding their baby on Thursday at a west Houston apartment.

Bill Cosby’s release

Advocates for domestic violence victims worry Bill Cosby ’s release will silence sexual assault survivors Agencies remind survivors that they are not alone

Brian Sims charged with domestic violence

Brian Simms, who faces charges of assault in a domestic violence incident, resigned from his post as Assistant Prosecutor from the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office. A spokesperson for the Office of G. Gary Tyack, Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney said in an email on Tuesday: “…Brian Simms has resigned.”

Domestic abuse rise after football matches

Neus Torres-Blas, occasional research assistant at CEP, said: “About one in three women in the United Kingdom, and worldwide, report having experienced domestic abuse at one point in their lives, but there is limited evidence about what triggers domestic violence. We find that the dynamics of domestic abuse change during and after football games.” In the discussion paper Football, alcohol and domestic abuse the researchers report a 5 per cent decrease in incidents during the two-hour duration of the game. But, after the game, domestic abuse starts increasing and peaks at about 8.5 per cent more incidents than average around ten hours after the game started. The analysis combined eight years of uniquely detailed and high-frequency administrative call and crime data from Greater Manchester Police with information on the timing of almost 800 games played by Manchester United and Manchester City between April 2012 and June 2019. In order to study the effect of football on domestic abuse,

Advocate for domestic violence survivors weighs in on new gun law

  The law prohibits domestic abusers from purchasing, possessing or transporting a firearm More than one in four homicides in the U.S. are domestic violence-related . Though a new gun law in the Commonwealth aims to change this, some advocates still question the law.

Arrested in domestic violence incident

Ratliff, 23, had met Jamarquis Black, 24, in high school. They remained a couple for about eight years. He spent many nights with Ratliff, her mother and four siblings. Ratliff continued to juggle two jobs — at Subway and Walmart — and her early-childhood education studies at Jackson State University. She was to graduate in December 2020 and planned a teaching career. There was a drastic change in the couple’s relationship early in 2019 when Pheonecia discovered she was pregnant, said her mother, Suzanne Ratliff. Jamarquis did not want the baby. Pheonecia did.