Tuesday, December 15, 2020

47-year-old female teacher admits sex with eight grade boy

Dianne Leach, 47-year-old former substitute teacher at Ella Lewis School in Steuben, Maine, was accused of an inappropriate relationship with a student, has pleaded no contest to two counts of gross sexual assault. She was orginally charged with counts of gross sexual assault of a student.

The charges against Leach stem from allegations that she had sexual relations with a boy who was an eighth-grade student at the Ella Lewis School. Those allegations came to light in March, after a teacher saw a text message on the boy’s cell phone from Leach.

Prosecutors say Leach had a sexual relationship with the student for four months beginning in December 2010. Investigators say her relationship with the boy escalated from texting to 'sexting' before she eventually went on to have sex with the student. The state has recommended a sentence that would place Leach in jail for six months. Justice Allen Hunter wasn’t convinced that the state’s recommendation is appropriate. He ordered that Leach undergo a forensic evaluation and pre-sentencing investigation before imposing a sentence.

She remains free on $500 unsecured bail until her sentencing, which has been stayed until a court-ordered forensic evaluation and presentencing investigation can be completed

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