Monday, December 21, 2020

Sheree Lacy Admits Contacting Victim She Had Sexually Abused

Sheree Lacy, 32-year-old former adjunct instructor at Florida State College, Jacksonville, Florida, admitted in court Tuesday that she violated her probation by having contact with the victim she was charged with sexually abusing.
Lacy, mother of two, was arrested in April 2012 on a charge of unlawful sexual activity with a minor. Police said Lacy and a teen boy had been having sex for several months. She was charged with Unlawful Sexual Activity (Suspect 24 or Older, Victim 16 or 17), according to a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office arrest and booking report. The activity was originally reported on April 16, 2012. Lacy turned herself in and "apologized to the victim's mother and told her the medicine she was on made her very horny and she was sorry that she allowed herself to have sex with a teen boy," the initial arrest report stated. she allowed the victim to come to her home in the middle of the night so they could have sex. Adult woman and teen boy engaged in oral sex and had full sexual intercourse on several occasions.

She pleaded guilty in August 2012 to a charge of Child Abuse - Intentional Infliction of Physical or Mental Injury and ordered to serve 12-18 months probation, to perform 50 community hours, maintain a medication regimen and have no contact with the victim or victim's family.

Lacy was arrested again last month on a violation of probation charge. The arrest warrant for Sheree Lacy states that Lacy violated probation by having contact with the victim from the April 2012 case where she plead guilty to child abuse charges. In a letter sent to authorities by Sheree Lacy's roommate, it is explained that Lacy had contact with the victim on multiple occasions. The penman of the letter also wrote that he had once caught the victim trying to sneak into Lacy's bedroom window. The letter also explains that on at least two occasions the roommate heard Sheree Lacy speaking to the victim on the phone.

Lacy also taught at Sandalwood High School until November 2011.

Sheree Lacy is not the only Jacksonville teacher who have been accused of having sex with underage student. In November last year Danielle Reed, 23-year-old English teacher at Atlantic Coast High School, Jacksonville, Florida, was accused of engaging in sex with a tee boy. And Kristina Hartless, 39-year old teacher at Beauclerc Elementary School in Jacksonville, Florida was arrested in December 2010 on allegations of sexual contact with a boy she was tutoring.
In addition to female teachers, other Jacksonville women have engaged in criminal underage sex acts too. Sheryle Lynn Vanlandingham, 42-year-old woman from Pace, Florida, was sentenced to five years in prison after she was convicted of having sex with a teen boy back in March 2011.

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